Porto, the second biggest city in Portugal, is located in the north of Portugal. Less than two hours south of Spain, and with the beautiful landscapes in the north of Portugal, there is much to discover.

Welcome to Porto

Porto, the second biggest city in Portugal, is located in the north of Portugal. Less than two hours south of Spain, and with the beautiful landscapes in the north of Portugal, there is much to discover. Porto has stunning views of the Douro River, with the wine houses on the banks on the opposite side of the river, so you are well placed to soak up some of the best views in the country. For beach lovers, you also have many of the best beaches in the country close to home. Yes, whatever you are looking for, you will probably be able to find it in Porto. 



Top Reasons to Live in Porto

There are many reasons to live in Porto. In this part of our living in Porto article, we’ll provide you with some of the most important reasons to consider Porto.



Outstanding Business Location



Aside from Lisbon, Porto is the next best biggest hub to do business in the country. Indeed, many international businesses have chosen to settle down in this charming northern city.

Setting up a new business in Portugal is relatively easy. In Porto, you may find office spaces at cheap prices, and then you can be working in a very favorable, dynamic, and thriving business environment. Note that you should make sure to seek advice from experienced professionals who will be able to help you with the move to Portugal. 



Safe and Tolerant



Portugal is the fourth safest country in the world, according to the 2021 Global Peace Index, trailing only Iceland, New Zealand, and Denmark. Porto has low crime rates, is pretty liberal, and is very welcoming to foreigners. From whichever walk of life, whether a local or foreigner, you should be able to find your place in the city.



Beautiful Beaches



Porto has many beautiful beaches close by, some of our favorites are: 


  • ​​Praia da Aguda in Gaia
  • Moreiró Beach in Vila do Conde
  • Labruge Beach in Vila do Conde 
  • Sereias Beach in Espinho
  • Senhor da Pedra Beach in Gaia
  • Gondarém Beach in Foz
  • Leça da Palmeira beach is Matosinhos



Best Neighborhoods in Porto


Porto has many exciting neighborhoods to choose from, each with its own special dynamic. In this part of our living in Porto article, we’ll examine each one so that you are best placed to find the perfect place in the city for you. 






Ribeira is the most recognizable part of the city, an area buzzing with restaurants and cafés. You will also find traditional housing and architecture along the Douro river, usually the first port of call for visitors when they first arrive in Porto. Miragaia is an excellent neighborhood to get the vibe of the city and Baixa, the downtown area, is where you will find most of Porto’s major landmarks. The advantage of buying property here is that you’ll be able to find many of the best restaurants in Porto, plus lots of shops to explore. Another detail to mention as that this part of town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 






Cedofeita is an artsy place in the city. A trendy place for innovative bars, unique shops, and hip cafés. Here, you will be able to enjoy many art galleries where you can admire the works of artists. On  Saturday, the Porto Belo Market is the perfect place to stroll around and find a handcrafted gift. The oldest church in Porto, São Martinho de Cedofeita, and the Crystal Palace Gardens are also found here.

If you prefer a quieter part of the city Boavista is the place for you. Boavista Avenue, the long boulevard is here, which leads beach lovers straight to the ocean.






Perfect for families, the fabulous neighborhood of Foz do Douro is one of the best places to live in Portugal, let alone Porto. The modern homes have beautiful views of the ocean that make you think that you’re living in a different city completely. With a long promenade, you can soak up the views of the ocean and are blessed with the best of both worlds, with close proximity to beaches and the city. 




Bonfim and Campanhã are quickly becoming two of the hottest neighborhoods in town. The two are located next to each other and have long suffered from the stigma of being amongst the less affluent parts of the city. However, in recent years, they have benefitted from generous public investments and the neighborhoods are becoming some of the trendiest in the city. 





While Vila Nova de Gaia is on the opposite side of the river, this can be seen as a significant advantage of living in this neighborhood. Why? Well, because you will have simply fabulous views of Porto. Vila Nosa de Gaia is best known for its wine cellars, and the area is an excellent investment option as properties here are much more affordable and there are very good services and amenities to cater to the growing number of people discovering this excellent part of Portugal in its own right. 

If you are looking to live a little outside the city, in the greater Porto area, then Vila do Conde is an excellent choice. It has been rated as one of the best areas to live in the greater Porto region. If you visit this beautiful, traditional seaside town, you’ll easily be able to see why. Its close distance from the city makes it easy to experience a buzzing city lifestyle while being able to relax and enjoy a little more peace.
Weather in Porto

Portugal has a sunny Mediterranean climate, with pleasant weather for most of the year. However, note that the north of the country, including Porto, can experience very cold periods, particularly in the winter month. Ensure that your house has a good heating system. Regardless you will still find the climate much more favorable than in most other parts of Europe and it is sunny for much of the year. 

In general, the summers are warm, dry, and clear, and the winters a little cold, wet, and a little cloudy. Over the year, the temperature ranges between 43°F (6°C) to 76°F (24°C).






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